Dear customer

Kowal company wishes to present you the offer that will please even those most demanding.
Elegant exterior architecture and stylish building interiors are something we all dream about. To accurately realise one's vision, it is worth to take notice of the details. When you decide on specific type of moulding, you can choose any design or size you want.

elevation moulding

Things you should know about KOWAL moulding

We take inspiration in the moulding that originates in the ancient times. Today, moulding celebrates a greatly renewed interest.

Kowal's moulding is easy for montage, doesn't contain any toxic substances, it is produced from polystyrene reinforced with polypropylene net that is coated with elastic masses. It is easy for montage, doesn't contain any toxic substances, it is hygiene certified.

In our product range you can find elevation profiles (available in various designs and sizes). The current offer contains

  • window and door profiles,
  • window ledges
  • parapets
  • bossages
  • ceiling joists
  • ceiling slats
  • column bases and heads
  • pilasters
  • portals
  • keystone and other

Molding Design - steps of production

Molding Design - steps of production

The universal qualities of elevation profiles

They fulfil a visual function. Elegant appearance and unique design are their assets, which causes them to be worth of both interior and exterior montage.

Thanks to high-quality materials, the elevation profiles can be used on traditional elevations as well as on all light-method insulation systems.

Why is it worth to choose our moulding, and not others?

The most beautiful works are made only when they are created with passion and engagement. Having our client's best interest in mind, we do our best to follow on the newest techniques and technologies available on the market, which means our products are characterised as having great durability and resilience to weather factors.

We are the first company to offer 'smooth plaster' type of moulding thanks to which you can be given profiles made of selectively chosen plasterwork that has expressive patterns as well as light weight.

We accept commissions to renovate antique architectonic element with the use of volcanic ash based technology.

To every order the client obtains

  • professional guidance on the matter of exterior and interior moulding,
  • favourable order realisation deadlines
  • availability of choosing elevation moulding of doors and windows on measurement
  • availability of presenting one's own ideas and their implementation
  • safe delivery by our company
  • availability of price negations