To meet our clients' demands Kowal company occupies itself with production of all the architectonic details that are in line with the canon of architecture. As history shows, creation of moulding was known even in the ancient times, nowadays, we give our clients limitless possibilities and solutions.

Moulding of elevations is produced with great precision. Since we are aware of how much the quality of the order is important to our client, we fill our orders with a great meticulousness.

Parapets, bossages, pilasters, ceiling slats, and other architectonic details are produces on individual order. We appreciate the fact that advanced technological applications keep appearing and that is why we are always ready for their implementation, and giving the interiors of your buildings a unique character.

We are open to the client, and that is why offer our hand in projecting elevation profiles and we realise projects made by architects. Parapets as well as facade boards are delivered in the lengths that were previously agreed upon. According to the guidelines, we also make corner bossages of various size. Additionally, KOWAL COMPANY manufactures arches, ellipses, ovals, circles, after a delivery of detailed measurements and templates